Oriza Seed

An affiliate company of Suzhou Oriza Holdings Corporation, Oriza Seed is a professional seed investment platform with market-oriented operations. Oriza Seed focuses on investment opportunities in start-ups and growing companies in the TMT and healthcare industries. Oriza Seed boasts rich resources and experience in terms of healthcare sector investment. As of the end of 2019, Oriza Seed has been involved in the investment and management of over 100 innovative enterprises, including Ascentage Pharma (06855), CStone Pharmaceuticals (02616), EpimAb Biotheraputics, GeneQuantum Healthcare, JW Therapuetics, Biocytogen, Osmunda, Argus, Canhelp Genomics, Redpine, and others.

Hygeia Capital

Hygeia Capital is a private equity investment fund built on a model of “active investment” + “in-depth services” and a focus on the big health industry. The Hygeia Capital management team boasts rich healthcare industry and equity investment experience. The fund’s investments include Kindly Medical Instruments (1501.HK) [interventional medical devices], Cofoe Medical [home use medical devices], Bestudy [clinical CRO], Leads Biolabs [new drug R&D], Leto Laboratories [new drug R&D], Zhongyianke Biotech [vaccine R&D], Resproly [inhalation preparation], Hyperway [new drug R&D], Gensciences [new drug R&D], and many other high-quality enterprises.

Ming Bioventures

Established in 2018, Ming Bioventures is located in BioBAY, Suzhou Industrial Park. Ming Bioventures focuses on investments in life sciences, including new drugs, medical devices, new diagnostics, and other fields. By continuously exploring early- and medium-term projects with the characteristics of significant clinical needs, high technical barriers, and experienced teams, Ming Bioventures strives to become one of the most professional early- and medium-term healthcare venture capital institutions in China.

Yijing Capital

Established in 2015, Yijing Capital uses its own capital and other private equity funds to make primary equity and FOF investment. Adhering to the principles of “supporting enterprise innovation and growth, facilitating industry optimization and transformation, and accelerating social development and progress”, Yijing Capital focuses on healthcare& big health, TMT & mass consumption, hard & core technology, and other sectors. Yijing Capital is focused on investing in start-ups and growth enterprises capable of delivering high value creation and high-tech innovation. Yijing Capital’s investments in the healthcare field include industry leaders such as Wellem, Our United, Hanyu Medical, Shuchuang Robot, Leto Laboratories, MedSci, and OPM Biosciences.

Entropy Great Harvest and Trend Investment

Entropy Great Harvest (onshore RMB fund manager) and Trend Investment (offshore USD fund manager) boast a common investment research and fund management team, and focus on private equity investment in the biomedical/medical and TMT industries. Their investments include new drug enterprises such as Epimab, Healx, Elicio, Yaqrit Discovery, Leads Biolabs, and Phoremost, vaccine enterprises such as Emergex, and medical device companies such as Cipher Surgical.