Core Team

Located in BioBAY, Suzhou Industrial Park, Keythera Pharmaceuticals (Keythera) is a biotech enterprise founded by an expert team with experience in the United States. Keythera focuses on new drug R&D and aims to develop innovative therapies to satisfy unmet medical needs across China and the world. Keythera has a world-leading team of technical professionals, management, and expert consultants in the field of innovative drug development; successful experience in preclinical and clinical development; and world-class innovation capacity in small-molecule drug discovery, Keythera focuses on the development of innovative small-molecule drugs, particularly for tumors and autoimmune diseases. Based on its long-standing experience in the research and development of new drugs, the Keythera team has formulated a comprehensive development strategy focused around product pipelines supported by a technical platform. Keythera plans to gradually establish technical platforms to screen,optimize, and evaluate new drug candidates to effectively accelerate the R&D of new small-molecule drugs, reduce the risks of the drug R&D, and differentiate the drug R&D product pipelines.


Yongqi Deng, Ph.D.

Bachelor and Master Degree from Peking University; Ph. D. Michigan State University; Postdoctoral fellow at MIT.He has 20 years of industry experience working at U.S. biotech companies including NeoGenesis, Schering-Plough and MSD Labs(Merck &Co.) as well as major pharmaceutical research institutes. His experience covers the entire drug development process: From target validation, drug screening, lead compound generation and optimization (HIT to lead and lead optimization) to preclinical and filing. Multiple leadership and participation projects entered clinical development stage.
Vice President, Biology and Clinical Research

Yanlin Jia, Ph.D., M.D.

Medical Degree from Beijing Medical University; Ph.D. and postdoctoral research at McGill University in Canada. Practiced medicine for 5 years before joining Schering-Plough Research Institute and MSD Labs ( Merck&Co. ); where she was involved in and led multiple drug discovery research projects for cancers, autoimmune and respiratory diseases. She has 20 years of drug discovery research experience, including target identification and validation, prove of the concept and mechanisms of action studies, pharmacological profiling of the candidate compounds, and the biomarker identification. She and her team also established various animal disease models and ex vivo human tissue disease models to support the drug discovery research.
Vice President, Chemistry

Tian Yuan, Ph.D.

Bachelor and master degrees from Lanzhou University, Ph.D. from Chinese University of Hong Kong, postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University. He has worked in Millennium, Schering-Plough, MSD Labs(Merck & Co.),Eli Lilly and Wuxi AppTec for more than 18 years. As the Asian lead of Merck Medicinal Chemistry and the Head of process Chemistry at Lilly China Research and Development Center , Dr. Tian led and participated a series of small molecule drug discovery and development projects, including oncology, autoimmune diseases, central nervous system and metabolic diseases.
Senior Director, Clinical Operations

Xiaomei Wang

She received her bachelor degree from Dalian Medical University and master degree from Peking University Health Science Center. She has worked in Dalian CDC, China CDC, Damien Foundation and TenNor Therapeutics .She has more than 15 years international project management experiences and 8 years clinical operation experiences .She is familiar with drug development research, has working experience in IND submissions and clinical operations in China and overseas, and the knowledge of data management, statistical analysis, and drug safety managements.