Keythera’s most valuable assets are our employees — dreamers with a focus on medical innovation, positive attitudes, and diverse professional backgrounds and life experiences. At Keythera, we strive to integrate our development goals with the talents and expertise of our employees and their career development plans. We emphasize learning, cooperation, and the creation of a positive and enterprising corporate culture that encourages innovation, passionate work, and happy lives. Keythera seeks to create an environment in which every employee can contribute their talents and realize their potential, self-improvement, and rapid growth within the company.

With our R&D team growing at a rapid pace, we sincerely welcome innovative, professional, and managerial talents of the new era to join us. The company provides competitive salaries, a broad scope for personal development, and a work environment that encourages cooperation and learning. Let us grow together at Keythera with an international corporate culture!

The company is currently seeking professionals for the positions listed below. Interested applicants can send a cover letter and their resumes to

Organic Synthesis Researcher

Job Responsibilities:
  1. Be able to independently complete the literature review, and independently complete the design of multi-step organic synthesis routes according to the literatures;
  2. Be able to analyze the compound structure according to the spectrum;
  3. Skillfully complete chemical reactions, make a more comprehensive analysis of the results, and complete difficult research projects with assistance;
  4. Be able to solve the main problems in the experiment;
  5. Complete the experimental record and experimental report clearly and completely
  1. Organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry and related majors, master’s degree or bachelor’s degree, 3 years or more work experience, CRO experience is preferred;
  2. Have relevant work experience in chemical synthesis, be familiar with organic synthesis unit operations, and have strong analytical and problem-solving skills;
  3. Having Strong experimental ability, and be able to complete experimental projects independently;
  4. Having good sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit, be good at English literature search, reading and English writing

Biology Scientist

Job Responsibilities:
  1. Responsible for cell culture, including cell lines, primary cells hPBMC, immune cells (such as T cells, NK cells, etc.,) recovery, and culture;
  2. Responsible for the operations of enzymes and cytology experiments, and support the early development and screening of small molecule compounds. Mainly include kinase activity detection, cell proliferation experiment, ELISA, and HTRF, etc.;
  3. Responsible for the analysis of experimental data and participate in the discussion of the results;
  4. Responsible for the recording, sorting and reporting of experimental data
  1. Major in cell biology, molecular biology, immunology or pharmacology, bachelor degree or above, experience in new drug research and development is preferred, and having more than 1 year working experience;
  2. Master the experimental methods of molecular biology and cell biology, such as cell culture, HTRF, western blot, ELISA, FACS, and PCR, etc.;
  3. Having Strong learning ability, good communication skills, team spirit, attention to detail, and strong sense of responsibility

CADD Design Researcher

Job Responsibilities:
  1. Comprehensive application of CADD/AIDD technology for virtual screening to find HITS;
  2. Participate in the process of new molecular development, closely cooperate with pharmaceutical and biological departments, and provide constructive suggestions from the perspective of CADD;
  3. Enabling AI technology in drug discovery and design;
  4. Follow up the latest developments of CADD/AIDD and introduce new technologies and methods in time;
  5. Other tasks assigned by the leader
  1. Master degree or above, major in mathematics, computer chemistry, and computer biology, etc.;
  2. Theoretical knowledge and relevant project experience in molecular docking, molecular dynamics simulation, protein modeling, free energy calculation or chemical informatics;
  3. Proficient in reading English literatures