The Keythera team has formulated a comprehensive development strategy focused on new drug pipelines supported by a technical platform. As of present, Keythera has successfully developed 4 small molecule drug projects in oncology and 2 projects in immunology. The first small-molecule drug project (KF-0210) independently developed by Keythera was approved for phase I clinical trials in Australia on December 2020 and was administered to its first patient on March 9, 2021. Three other small-molecule drug projects are expected to advance to the clinical trial stage in the near future. ‎

Keythera’s core technology is its high-throughput high-content drug screening and optimization (AHTS) platform based on binding affinity. This platform will be used with artificial intelligence to effectively integrate bioinformatics, cheminformatics, structural chemistry, computer-aided drug design, pharmaceutical and combinatorial chemistry, and other technologies to provide smart drug screening and optimization. The platform shall effectively accelerate the development of new small-molecule drugs, reduce the risks of new drug development, and facilitate the development of clinically differentiated drugs.