Product Development

Keythera Biopharmaceuticals has successfully implemented an advanced high-throughput screening platform known as Affinity Detection by Mass Spectroscopy (ADMS). Harnessing the power of this groundbreaking technology, the company specializes in the creation of cutting-edge small molecule drugs. With a strong commitment to innovation, Keythera has developed six distinct drug pipelines dedicated to combatting cancer and autoimmune disorders. 

The EP4 receptor antagonist (KF-0210) stands as the forefront among advanced projects aimed at treating solid tumors. Currently, it has reached the Phase Ib clinical stage. Additionally, the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) granted approval for the Phase II clinical trial of KF-0210 in February 2023, specifically targeting the treatment of osteoarthritis. 

Another internally developed anti-cancer product, KBP-2205, has completed its preclinical candidate (PCC) validation studies and entered pre-clinical study stage.

Technology Platform

Keythera Biopharmaceuticals specializes in utilizing an advanced screening platform called Affinity Detection by Mass Spectroscopy (ADMS), which is based on affinity-based high throughput screening technology. This cutting-edge platform allows for the screening of up to 250,000 compounds per day on each ADMS workstation. ADMS integrates various technologies, including bioinformatics, chemical informatics, structural chemistry, computer-aided drug design, and combinatorial chemistry.

By serving as an intelligent platform for drug screening and optimization, ADMS significantly expedites the discovery of innovative small molecule drugs while mitigating the risks associated with new drug development. It plays a crucial role in the development of new drugs with clinical differentiation. One key advantage of ADMS is its incorporation of artificial intelligence, which overcomes the limitations of other AI-assisted drug development technologies by enabling rapid validation through the acquisition of experimental data.

Core Team

Keythera Biopharmaceuticals was established by a team of proficient scientists hailing from the United States, possessing extensive knowledge in the realms of drug discovery and development research. Their collective expertise spans across various domains, including preclinical and clinical development, positioning them as frontrunners in the field. Moreover, they possess world-class original innovation capabilities specifically in the realm of small molecule drug research and development, which have yielded comprehensive and successful outcomes.

Throughout its existence, the company has consistently maintained a workforce comprised of individuals with exceptional educational backgrounds, with each member holding a Bachelor's degree or higher. Notably, 57% of employees have attained a Master's degree, while an additional 19% possess a Doctorate degree. The research and development division, encompassing 85.71% of the personnel, exclusively consists of graduates from renowned universities, boasting remarkable expertise in their respective fields. Keythera Biopharmaceuticals is committed to advancing novel therapies to effectively address unmet medical needs both within China and on a global scale.

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